Why use our linen provision service?

Guests expectations are rising year on year and we want our guests to always have the best linen, fluffy towels and clean tea towels for their stay.

Linen provision service details

  • Great linen can inject luxury into a holiday home. Guests are always excited by places that are more luxurious than the price indicates, and supplying fine linen – including bedsheets and fluffy towels – is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve this.
  • High-quality bed linen can help guests enjoy a restful night’s sleep. In the summer, breathable linen will help your guests stay cool through the night. In the winter, soft bedding will make even the coldest nights feel cosy.
  • Hygiene is extremely important in these post-Covid times Your guests won’t be impressed by stained pillowcases, towels or tea towels, so make sure these are washed and replaced between guests.
  • Beautiful linen can help you create a beautiful holiday home! Small touches, such as a gleaming white tablecloth, can enhance the appearance of your holiday home and impress your guests.

 These are just a few reasons why investing in great linen is vitally important for your holiday home and we recommend using our linen service to ensure that you exceed your guest’s expectations, leading to repeat bookings year after year.

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